Top 10 Extreme Sports

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For this list, we’re looking at recognized extreme sports that involve a bit of skill, technique and intelligence.

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890 Kommentare zu „Top 10 Extreme Sports“

    1. +Roeniel Carter people these days always make jokes in the comments L means loose w means win so if u didnt like it give L if it was good give W

    1. Darren Walters

      Yeah, I thought chess would be number one for sure. Can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost on the journey, brah.

    1. +Krok oh yes I have been there. I went last winter. I have gone to Australia 6 years straight. Just to snowboard. And I absolutely love it there. It is better than Tahoe.

    2. @Krok Dude I just spent season in St. Anton and got hit by couple of small avs. But I don’t think any of them made it to park… 

    3. Pealing a potato with a butter knife is hard than using a potato peeler… but we all know using a potato peeler is better just like snowboarding is superior XD

  1. what about Icespeedway? the European/Russian style. Motorcycles with spikes, 130 km/h and no brakes! now that’s extreme!

  2. Some of these should have been honorable mentions compared to some of the honorable mentions. This comes from somebody that wouldn’t try any of these though.

  3. downhill ski racing is a pretty extreme sport. especially when your are throwing yourself down a steep pitch trying to make turns at over 100 km/H…

  4. as a motocross rider I’d happily say it’s good too see it mentioned here….only people who have try’d it will know how full on it is….it is the most physically demanding sport out there.

    1. PEOPLE! stop comparing short board to longboard, i know they are both skateboard but they are not the same sport! its like comparing dirt bike and racing motorbike because they are both motor bike

  5. For everyone asking „Where’s parkour??“ or „Where’s free running??“, PARKOUR AND FREE RUNNING AREN’T EXTREME SPORTS. You’re not supposed to leap over buildings and climb up random skyscrapers! Free Running is a form of self expression. Neither is an extweme spoat.

  6. Have you guys ever seen speedball?!?!?! I highly recommend putting this extreme sport in another video. Speedball is a faster, more technical, and a lot more adrenaline pumping version of paintball. If you have not seen speedball, look up professional paintball. This sport definitely fits in well with the other sports you have mentioned in this video.

    1. Bailey Bassett Not fucking dangerous. Rogatkin was absolutely fine after his crash, and if you screw up hardline you are just dead. In soccer, you can loose a teeth!!!1 have you ever lost a teeth? Well… That’s way more painful than dislocating a shoulder or breaking your back…

  7. General Cabbagehead

    No motorcycle racing (more specifically the isle of man tt)??? You know how many ppl a year die on average at that event?

    1. Bro even wingsuit guys have safety features like parachute but in extreme cave diving if u struck in the middle u can’t go further or go back so it will be a horrible slow dead

  8. Watchmojo, why do you not include formula 1 in any of your sport lists, F1 is an endurance, dangerous, advanced and plus it’s the pinochle of all motorsports

  9. freediving, combining skill with knowledge, years of training your body to deal with oxygen deprivation while knowing your limits and understanding the effects on your body so you dont pass out and drown.

  10. The Mad Thrasher

    Skateboarding is #1 for me. Danny Way aired over the Great Wall of china, on a broken foot. Jaws Melon-grabbed over 25 stairs which was almost 2 stories high straight to the ground and lived to tell the tale.  Shout out to the Van Dyck Skate Crew. Skate and destroy

    1. The Mad Thrasher Of all the people that have ridden a skateboard what percentage of them will have died doing it? Now compare that to your guess on wingsuiting.

    2. Uumm…2 stories off stairs not many people can do it but I don’t see you as during from that, your landing on your feet too

  11. johannes engelbrecht

    what about longboarding???? unless you consider that being part of skateboarding. but longboarding should have atleast made it in the „honorable mentions“. still love the vid

  12. I do not agree with this list!!!!!!!! This is because snowboarding,skiing, and snowmobiling are VERY extreme sports. You people over at watch mojo where you make these videos I would love to see you freestyle snowboard,freestyle ski, and ride a snowmobile. You guys are complete idiots. For making the snow sports honourable mention.

  13. sorry, but there is an difference between free climbing and solo climbing. The video showed us solo climbing not free climbing

  14. LifeGoddessTaimat

    „Are you an aid climber or a free climber?“

    I’m a little of both, but just as a hobby and not as a passion. I like to free climb a bit up in the mountains, but I also enjoy climbing rock walls.

  15. FYI – Free climbing means no aid tools, but usually means they still have a rope and belayer. Free Soloing means the climber is all alone – no belayer, no rope.

  16. skateboarding shouldnt be that high on the list, i skateboard and its not that insane, I get its a little more intense if u skate vert but not that much crazier

  17. Free-soloing was number two, not free climbing. Free climbing is normal roped and unaided climbing. Free-soloing is un-roped and unaided.

  18. I do nothing dangerous. I sing, dance, draw, film, animate. There is no possible death in any of those. Although I did break my wrist in a dancing accident.

  19. anferny18011981

    nice vid nut the volcano sliding thing is a disgrace on this list, considering how many legit high level extremesport didn’t make the list..

  20. big Chungus 810

    what about jumping out a helicopter and wingsuiting onto a hill and then climb up it and jump off with a skateboard and land onto a bike and then drive it off the hill then land inside a pair of ice skates and ride to the finish line with a jump and land in a boat and go off a cliff and wingsuit back to the helicopter???

    1. pisses me off when people call „free solo“ „free climbing.“ i free climb and it’s not really that dangerous cause i use gear to protect me like ropes. Free Solo is without ropes.

  21. I used to do a little bit of rock climbing but never free climbing, I haven’t got the kahunas, strength or skill for that shit

    1. Shaun Gajkowski

      +manny gomez although you can get hurt a lot trying to gap a staircase flying off a mountain isn’t really safe either

    1. +Labinot Abazi but the adranlin that run your body in the fight that what make it more extrim then skatebording(sorry on the spelling)

    1. No it’s not. He’s a fucking bull, he loves this shit. You want him to sit down and eat grass all day? As long as you’re not actually hurting him, he will be fine. Are you going to tell me that horse riding is animal abuse too? 🙂

  22. Freerunning is actually harder than all if these, since it takes primary concepts from all, including balance, agility, and recklessness. Also it’s much cooler looking.

  23. The Man of Constant Sorrow Elias

    Why I can’t wingsuit just goes down to me singing. I’m more than a bird, i’m more than a plane, i’m a birdplane.

  24. tow in surfing? Big wave surfing!!
    and come on, honorable mention to kite skeeing and DH MTB and parkour are not.
    ice climbing < freeclimbing, almost the same sport, you could have mentioned some downhill mountainbike or downhill longboard 4/10


    I am not afraid of heights or falling..So I wanna know why they wear a helmet when there is NO POINT to wearing a helmet.

  26. I hate it when some skateboarders get too scared and never try anything new. I mean, it’s considered an extreme sport, you’re supposed to be scared.

  27. A lot of these seemed more like extreme activities than sports. Snowboarding and surfing only getting honorable nods, and skateboarding (should have been a top 3) all the way down at 6. I give this list a 5.5/10

  28. A disappointingly low amount of detail paid to the differences between free climbing, free solo climbing, deep water solo climbing and highball bouldering (which were all portrayed in the video).

  29. Too bad you guys don’t know what Free Climbing is. You’re referring to Free Solo. Free Climbing is only using your hands and feet to progress which is typical rock climbing which ropes are still used for protection. Free Solo is climbing without protection. If you’re going to report it why don’t you get your terms right.

  30. i’m not sure what classifies as a sport but i thought it was more like something you do with a team or atleast count points?

  31. I dont get free climbing, how are you sure the thing you are climbing is climbable to the end? you could get yourself into a spot where there is nothing to hold onto to get higher and I dont think you can climb downwards, can you?

  32. I think rugby should be in this, it has many rules, and is a ton about technique and skill. Look up the rules on rugby it’s a lot

  33. You forgot fixed gear track racing is extreme and dangerous because they have no handlebar brakes and they got at very high speeds.

  34. Skylining, skating downhill and Vulcano surfing? Are you serious? The first is just a side-note to climbing. The second would be extreme down a glacier but in a controlled environment and with protections I don’t see it as extreme. Vulcano surfing is just snowboarding on sand and small rocks down a slope, which is safer than actual freeriding.
    I’d substitute with downhill/freeride/trials mountain biking, para/hang gliding and kite surfing.

  35. You’re compleatly mistaken with the climbing terms. Freeclimbling means climbing without using anything but the rock to hold/stand on. But you can use a rope and so called quickdraws to prevent a fall to the ground. What you showed is Free Soloing, where you climb without any protection. And the same story with the Highlines. You can (and you actually showed some footage) use a rope to protect you from falling to death although a few (actually realy realy few) Highliners do it without the rope.

    1. I know, right? I used to ride freestyle motocross, and I also use to BMX a bit. Both of those should of been at the top of the list.

  36. I know it’s dumb to advertise my account on other peoples but I think you guys should check out my account and subscribe! I do some pretty crazy trampoline tricks

  37. Free climbing is absolutely nuts. My hat’s off to the guys and gals who do it, and good luck to you. It gives me anxiety just watching it. I’m not afraid of heights either (I’ve been skydiving and had a lot of fun doing it considering it was my first time in an airplane) it’s just the endurance required for free climbing is insane. There is not quitting half way. What if you get a cramp! Or what if you get sleepy and fancy a nap?