The Best Of Extreme Sport – 1

People are Awesome 2016; Best Of Web.
A Compilation of Different Extreme sports
Sounds :
– Really Slow Motion – Angels Of Destiny :
– Worakls – From Now On :

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    1. Thank you for your courage, I was just about to ask for that full video…

      Edit: You don’t have the video, plus you don’t even have subs, are you a troll?

  1. Love this video! Was wondering if we could get permission to use it on our digital screens in our cafes around Auckland in New Zealand- with credit to you of course

  2. Like the video! I’d like to ask for permission for getting some of the part on this video for my editing. Will upload it in my youtube and will credit you too.

  3. Exploring Abandoned Mines

    Great video! It isn’t as dangerous as most people think. If you know what you are doing awesome things are possible that look crazy to most people. Many people say the same thing about us exploring abandoned mines!

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  5. sinners sanction

    I ride motocross and race Downhill bikes but to dive like that, that takes balls of steel.. very very big balls of steel!!

  6. The Darker my Horizon

    Hi HTC, awesome video. Can we please use it (not the music) and you will of course get a credit? Many thanks indeed. TDmH

  7. The guy jumping off the roof is NOT smart. I can’t call that sport. The guy lying down under the pickup truck is also NOT smart. I can’t call that sport.

    1. popeyepanther I saw that vid. The guy jumping off the roof is a pro stuntman and he used shin gaurd to slide down the second roof

  8. This is a beautiful edit! I’d love to see links to the original videos so I can watch some of them all the way through

  9. chiranth ramesh

    very nice video sir, we do have similar video you can watch here is the link

  10. Anthony Carlos

    Estaba emocionado por hacer algo de estos deportes pero vi esto 0:22, y con esto ya estoy comenzando pensar si realmente quiero hacerlo xD

    1. Wolkowicz Grzegorz hello I subbed to your channel now you have 2 subscribers and I liked all of your comments!!😀😀😀😄

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  12. THAT is what I would like to see in a great action movie!
    Incredible, breathtaking stunts that are real, not bad fighting choreography with 5 cuts per second to hide it!

  13. Nice video, but I didn’t like how music suggests that people in the video are somehow heroes and they somehow risk their lives for some greater good. It’s not the case. It’s fun. It should be done for fun. Not for showing off the bavery and heroism to girls and noobs.

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  17. It’s just like y tho lol y setup a chopper on a snohill u flip over that u barely cleared haha thanks for entertainin me tho👍

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