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Also a huge thank you to Barbie Sailers & the members of the band for making these Awesome tracks & for allowing me to use it in the Fear and Big Wave Surfing Compilations.

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Also a huge thank you to Blacktop Mojo & the members of the band for making these Awesome tracks & for allowing me to use it in the Fear and Big Wave Surfing Compilations.

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Adrenaline Addiction

DevinSuperTram – Devin Graham –

Mathias Wyss

Ocean Ramsey

Kai Lenny

Billy Kemper

Carlos Burle

Koa Rothman

Tom Butler

Nathan Florence

Ian Walsh

Ariihoe Tefaafana

Flying Frenchies

Kenny Belaey

Friedi Kühne

Miles Daisher

Mike Swanson

Fabio Wibmer

Owen Leeper

Brandon Schmidt

Ryan Williams

Josh Neuman

Tom van Steenbergen

Tyler McCaul

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290 Kommentare zu „**PEOPLE ARE AWESOME ** EXTREME SPORTS EDITION 2 ** 2020“

    1. Nick Robinson Mesmerized comes from Anton Mesmer. Mesmer was a phrenologist who believed he could tell a great deal about people by “reading” the contours of their skull. Perhaps he could?

  1. Richard Rybarczyk

    Some 0f this stuff I understand why they do it, but to jump from the top of one building to the top of another building shows that you have the IQ of a dead squirrel.

    1. Absolutely Flawless

      Hey Thomas, its good to be back. The wave in question is from Nazare in Portugal an extremely very rare tube, surfed by Kai Lenny.

  2. So glad you have started again, these videos are some of the best compilations on the Internet that always get me pumped!

  3. William Morales

    WOW I’m a retired construction worker for 30 years. I’ve worked on 30-40-50-60 story buildings. When I work there are no walls or windows in NYC. I love heights, but you guys scared the shit out of me. Your guys balls are bigger that bulls balls. I hope all of you live a long life. 🥰🙏👍✌️🌈❤️🌞😎🇱🇷🌅💃🏻🎇

  4. Crazy n carefree what a way to live, the exillerating rush of risking it all just to prove to yourself and everyone else it can be done!!

  5. *** Disclaimer all these stunts were preformed by a professional (me). Do not try this at home because in fact you’re not awesome.

  6. Some of the most radness ever! Kinesthetic intelligence at the max of what’s humanly possible (at this point anyway). Other animals kick butt, too!

  7. Leonardo Wanderley de Andrade

    Cara já surfei 33anos da minha vida gostava das maiores e me vi perto da morte duzias d vzs no ciclismo desci serras e cheguei a dar 116 km em road bike então não tenho pena desses caras não mas tenho das pessoas proximas a eles pais maes irmaos esposas namoradas . abcão

  8. Fine to take risks. NOT fine if you risk killing someone else if you fail like those cretins running on buildings. That’s just dumb and selfish: find a crane somewhere or do some proper climbing.

  9. Trotting Bull Moose

    Base jumpers are awsome people? HAHAHAHA are bugs on my windshield awsome bugs ? Hahaha awsome is not the word I was thinking and inspiration im not receiving.

    1. Same here, watching this helps block out all the bs and drives you to push yourself. Im sure we are not alone in this mindset

  10. You’re using uncredited copyrighted content of mine and of a production company I work with. Contact me so we can sort this out. Otherwise I’ll have to report this video.

  11. Гражданин Обнуляндии


  12. That was dope AF. I’m pretty into extreme sports myself. My newest Kik is seeing if I can wake up tomorrow morning without dying from the Coronavirus. Working on my Red Bull sponsorship now

  13. Great video! Amazing stunts!
    Still, at some point ~ like the dude on a mountain bike balancing on a flat line ~ seems more like glorified suicide.

  14. Always wondered how fast those wing suit zoomers are flying and I’ve never seen one of those flights come to an end. I know they use chutes but still haven’t seen one finish their flight. Excellent video 👍👍👍

  15. Hello, Awsome video, I have followed your Youtube channel and created a feed to my surftu.be website with all links and full attribution. I hope that is OK? If not let me know and I will remove it.
    Cheers, surftu.be admin

  16. Michelangelo Interpretation

    The Fear of Death has vanished’ because we choose to live -without fear’ can you feel the fear slipping away….. We the Collective’ are fearless in our pursuits to overCome and the best way to Leave that fear’ is to step inside it. We do this everyday PushitTotheLimit’

  17. Insert clever name here

    I can’t even…this is so far beyond extreme sports and crossing into death wish. The MTB across the slack line…OMG

  18. I always check this channel…This makes me relaxed , feel motivated & inspired.You inspired me to create my own channel…THANKS !

  19. El vídeo de la chica buceando con el tiburón blanco (el más grande del mundo) lo podéis ver completo aquí en YouTube :
    “ Ocean Ramsey se encuentra con un gran tiburón blanco a 20 pies“.
    Merece la pena leer la descripción del vídeo.

  20. I get depressed when ever I watch people are awesome videos , i feel like i have done nothing in life. I want to be fearless like them.

  21. Brilliant soundtrack and videography, instant subscriber and this is what you tube should be used for, wish we could vote ppl out. 😎

  22. Ластовский Александр

    Одна ошибка и поминай как звали! Адреналин зашкаливает! 👍

  23. I think that these people need to consider other people.
    When, not if, somebody goes „splat“ the trauma and negative impact of 100’s of people is unthinkable.
    I can only imagine how very badly this asshole’s mother must feel.
    Empathy towards ones own loved ones would preclude all but the truly warped from pulling this crap.
    This dude is an asshole who will surely have the blood of some stupid young wannabe on his very stupid and very greedy hands.

  24. Jeff21killer Sep

    Fun fact Sharks won’t eat humans the only time they do is if the water is too misty and messes with there eyesight even more

  25. Scarface J.L. PEREZ RODRIGUEZ

    Puros weones locos, adictos!!! Pero cada uno, con unos huevos de avestruz que ni te cuento 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  26. Music is Good!
    But what is awesome on video?
    I see Extreme sports (AKA – Suicide squad)
    Most participant end up dead,crippled or as addicts later in life !
    Once you start „FLY“ on body ready Adrenaline later you need more and more
    and stronger drugs !
    Most sky divers specially proximity one regularly fly under influence of all sorts of of substances because Adrenaline after time no longer work and in this „wing sport“ there is no space even for smallest coke induced errors!

    That is ugly truth behind this so called „awesome people“

    Not mention personalities of this individuals!!!

    Rude and ugly Personalities
    all also on EXTREME SCALE!!!
    I know this from personal experience!

    If you looking for friend in this group of individualists….
    You are definitely on wrong address!!!
    For 100% !!!

    There are mostly very sad and tragic stories behind this „awesome people“ videos!!!
    In real life no one wants to be with them or they are already dead!!!

  27. Again with another amazing vid and great music. I glance at the videos as i push myself into the next workout routine. Great work keep it up.💪🤙

  28. Now you know where are the patients from mental institutions and what they’re doing in their spare time.

    Oh and that jump from building to building at the start is a green screen thing.

  29. People manage to break an arm or leg when they fall from bicycle and these guys are doing 10+ metre long jump from building to building.

    What the hell are you doing on YouTube?

    Pack your bags for Olympics.

  30. And some of these extreme dumb , jumping from roof to roof ?? Skating high speed downhill without protective gear ??! Cliff jumper are off their rocker too , Mountainbiker on a slag line . Don’t know what s up with people these days , they must have been or are highly depressed , that only the adrenaline gets them of the sofa feeling sorry for them self . Than they getting attention through media channels and hooked on more endorphine induced through likes , subscriptions etc. However , there ll come the time. You just wanna enjoy life and going home to your children and wife becomes top priority and makes you happy , I suppose that when you stop , of you still alive .

  31. The people walking on the tight rope and the guy on the bicycle moving his bike across the tight rope are fake. No way a human would do this and then someone is recording. If that person dies person or persons filming are held liable. Fake smh

  32. All we need to know about base jumpers is that one day they finish bad… Don’t know what this guys want to prove or to get but anyway it’s all a bad idea

  33. This is irresponsible nonsense that is shown here. The video should be deleted. It would be better if the actors go about a reasonable job.

  34. Leticia Kistnett

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  35. Mason Anderson

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