GoPro. Life on Edge. Extreme sports Pro. Drum and Bass music video by Big Buddha Project.

Good Morning Planet! Here we came. Big Buddha Project promoting Extreme sports. Music is an integral part of sport, extreme life and life on the edge.

Music… It’s all about music.
That’s why we are launching a series of videos here on our YouTube channel for the inspiration of all those who invest their lives to make us better.

45 Kommentare zu „GoPro. Life on Edge. Extreme sports Pro. Drum and Bass music video by Big Buddha Project.“

    1. Алексей Балабаев

      Потому что красиво танцует. К тому же танец это тоже спорт…

  1. Nataliya Vodneva

    Фантазия или закономерность? В магазине под эту музыку увеличиваются продажи…

  2. Stephen Strange

    26:06 I paused to see the look on the guys face. If ever you see the eyes of someone who enjoys throwing people of a cliff, this is what it looks like. Scary.

  3. Listen to 3 songs, while watching the benign of this – „Epic“ by Faith No More and „Remedy“ by the Black Crows and „welcome to Paradise“ by Green Day, when the girl is twerking.

    1. Watching this in public is more extreme when no one knows the real you. I was about to make this into animated wallpaper, thank god I watched this first.

    1. Алексей Балабаев

      Антон, танцами я разбавил слегка видеоряд. А вообще, да. Это конечно не экстрим но, очень спортивный танец 🙂

  4. Danny Malitsky

    ive been looking for this kind. and u provided it to me. thank you.

    truly good Ambient DnB i like. Not like those for junkies. but this makes you goosebumps.

    1. @J Green So thrill-seeking that potentially kills you is okay?

      You’d be better off quitting if this was enough to potentially get you fired.

  5. My substitute Civics teacher was watching this and he was watching It on his Laptop and he wanted to show us The bungee jump so he casts It to the big board later 2 Mins In B!CTH TWEARKING out of nowhere half of my class was dying of laughter.

  6. Twerking is unnecessary though. Otherwise nice video. Also, guy at 35:24 is recklessly close to the water floor with his face.

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